The Art of People

In the world of Asset Management, people are the engines of growth. How much or how little your company grows, how quickly or slowly, is almost entirely about the knowledge, experience, talent and character of your organization’s top people. But it all begins with an organizational vision and culture that optimize individual talents by having them work together to achieve your goals.

Our Specialization in

Asset Management

Serving our clients in Asset Management is much more than matching the right talent to the right position.  It is also helping to provide company-wide strategic solutions that optimize talent performance- one we’ve honed for more than 30 years. It’s the kind of complete and comprehensive service you can expect from us. We are more than just a recruiter. We pride ourselves as a valued partner, dedicated to our clients’ success- for today and years to come. Talk to us. When you do, you’ll soon discover another talent we’ve acquired over the years– listening.

Retained Executive Search
Top decile success rate driven by our Competency Modeling. Over-the-top effort. Your end-to-end, long-term talent acquisition solution. Your recruitment doorway to the finest candidates in the asset management field.
Team Expansions & Lift Outs
Team placement takes finesse. Moving an entire group of asset managers from out of their own comfort zone into a new environment takes a steady, reassuring approach and experience. In our case, three decades of it.

Strategic Advisory

Making Culture Conscious. If, as Plato said, “The unexamined life is not worth living”, then the unexamined, unintentional, unconscious corporate culture may not be worth having.  Your culture is who your company is.  It determines to a great extent how well it works and how successful it can be. At Butterfass Pepe Group, we help our clients take control of their culture. We start where you are and customize solutions to your needs:

  • Cultural Transformation
  • Organizational Sustainability
  • High Performance Work Teams
  • Coaching for Performance

We help you create a conscious culture that makes exceptional performance the norm.

Cultural Transformation

Culture matters. More often than not, a company’s culture is implied rather than explicitly defined. Corporate Culture is a potent quality that exerts a powerful influence on employee drive, communication, collaboration, motivation and performance.

Organizational Sustainability

Organizational Sustainability is a major goal for a successful business. The leadership  of today’s organizations spend a lot of its time trying to manage the sustainability of their organizations by managing the health and performance of their People assets.

High Performance Work Teams

How can you ensure that your team produces consistent superior results?  Relentless pursuit of performance excellence can only be achieved through shared goals, collaboration, open communication, clear role expectations, conflict resolution and a strong sense of accountability and trust among all team members.

Coaching for Performance

We provide expert coaching for individuals with a proven “partnership approach”. Crucial to the success of the organization, is the effectiveness of their leaders.  Successful leaders create an inspiring vision for the future, motivating and inspiring people to engage in that mission.  Coaching accelerates the development of managers and leaders…inspiring a high level of commitment and loyalty to the organization.

Market Intelligence

At ButterfassPepe Group, we believe that the incremental value comes from our clients ability to make better decisions, so they are able to grow faster than the market and avoid risks.

Sustainable Success

Sustainability is neither trend nor fad. Today, it’s a matter of policy for many forward thinking corporations. This encompasses implementing sound environmental policy and social responsibility as a foundation of management.

How does this affect your human capital? It means hiring professionals who understand sustainability and know how to help make it organic to your enterprise.

For example…

Maximizing efficiencies in building sustainability, Promoting responsible investing, Exercising corporate social responsibility

At ButterfassPepe, we’re proud of our proven track record in attracting the finest talent who fit well into this philosophy. Is sustainability important to your company? Then count on us to help you acquire people who will help you move it forward.